If You’re Not on the Precipice of Failure Right Now…

You’re Not Living to your Full Potential

Hi, I’m Gabe Zichermann.

I’m an entrepreneur, author, mentor and investor. I’ve co-founded 6 companies, of which 3 were successes and 3 were failures. I love taking risks on great business ideas and my career aspirations – it’s in my blood. And without risk, there can be no reward.

Recently, I had to shut down a venture-backed startup I co-created called Onward. In that process, I realized that failure doesn’t seem to get easier the more you do it.

But that’s weird, right? If you’re learning correctly, a skill should get easier over time. But here I was, scared, angry, exhausted and embarrassed just like the first time.

Exploring this topic led me down a very interesting path, weaving together my personal experience as an entrepreneur with an understanding of behavioral psychology, game theory and organizational development. Some individuals, organizations and cultures are better at dealing with failure, and I’ve worked hard to unpack the “why” and the “how”.

The things I’ve learned along the way can be consolidated into a single idea. I call this Failosophy – a set of tools, techniques and concepts that can help you face your fear of failure, create an entrepreneurial culture, accept setbacks, and succeed like never before.

I’m dedicating myself to helping you, your organization and our world achieve our full potential by learning to fail better.