There are three distinct phases when confronting failure in something you care deeply about:

  • Before taking action (Fear of Failure, Avoidance)
  • During the process (Magical Thinking)
  • After it’s done (Self-deprecation, negative self talk)

Regardless of where you are in the cycle of risk and reward, you will have to develop a new relationship with failure. That can mean working to overcome your fears, keeping your delusions in check, and being reasonable and kind to yourself – among others.

Because failure is omnipresent for successful people, I’ve been starting to coach some folks who’ve asked me for help with dealing with major life goals, risks and reward. It has been a very illuminating experience, and I’ve been pleased at the progress we’ve made together.

I’d like to expand the circle of folks that I’m coaching. If you’re facing a serious challenge in your life, I’d like to help. After some initial assessment work, we’ll dive right in to understanding your goals, your fears, and how to keep yourself healthy and focused as you pursue your goals (or accept that a failure will delay them).

If you’re interested in a session of failosophy coaching, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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